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Offering a wide range of materials created LED Plant Grow Lights by us are reckoned for their quality based features. Since we use only authentic materials in creating our assortment of buckles, thus our range of buckles is class apart. We have the required facilities to customize our products as per the requirement of our clients.
LED Plant Grow Lights - 3-1

Model: 3-1
LED Plant Grow Lights
Standard Type
The “Light code” going with plant growth
In the process of plant growth, water ,air, light and nutrition are the most critical elements, “light” effect on plant growth is huge. In recent years a lot of scientific research results show that in different stage of plant growth (seeding, growth, flowering and so on) needs different spectrum, light intensity, and photoperiod.

In addition to effectively help the plant growth and shorten the culture cycle, this product with LED plant growth lamp includes specific wavelength and spectrum, more energy saving; simple cultivation frame and combined lamp design, easy transportation and assembly, automatic light and pump timing control, makes cultivation becoming convenient, SGS certification of the nutrient solution formulation, no harmful substances, no pesticide and no worms during cultivation.

“Standard Type” provides general plant or vegetable planting, simple, clean and environmental protection, suitable for both family and office.

◎ Base on YPFD (Yield Photon Flux Density) design, precise and standard red / blue wavelength ratio, not only number of red / blue chips ratio of plant lamp in current market.
◎ Using the wavelength in 420~450nm (blue) and 620~690nm(red) LED ships as the light source, scientific and effective, remove other invalid light source, scientific and energy saving. Automatic timing control for both lamp and water circulation system.
◎ SGS inspection passed of nutrient solution, all the materials of cultivation frame qualified for drinking water, non-toxic, tasteless, durable.
◎ Enjoy DIY assembly fun, simple design, energy saving, not space occupied.
◎ Soilless culture, no pollution, no pests, no pesticide, enjoy the healthy cultivation fun at ease.

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LED Plant Grow Lights

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